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Scheelite Flotation Production Line

Scheelite Flotation Production Line

【Process Introduction】

Scheelite dressing can use gravity, magnetic and flotation separation. The types and properties of the ore decide the separation methods and processes. Basing on good floatability of scheelite, the flotation is selected.


Scheelite flotation product line is suitable for the scheelite containing multi metals with complex structure

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[Process Introduction]

Separation of scheelite and calcspar & fluorite

Concentration pulp with high temperature is common method. First,  the pulp is concentrated to 60%-70%; the next, sodium silicate is added into pulp; then, the pulp is heated to 80℃ and stirred for 30-60min; the last, it is diluted with water. The floatation of scheelite is under the room temperature, and the product in tank is calcspar & fluorite.

The separation of scheelite and barite

It is difficult to separate scheelite and barite by sodium silicate because of the closed inhibitory action for scheelite and barite. We choose alkyl sulfate as collector to repeatly select barite under the 1.5-3PH, and the product in tank is scheelite.

The separation of scheelite and sulfide

Xanthate is used to capture sulfide minerals in scheelite floatation. We add a little oxide and sodium sulfide to inhibit sulfide without floatation.

The separation of scheelite and Quartz silicate

Oleic acid as collector and sodium silicate as inhibitors, which could inhibit the quartz and silicate gangue and float scheelite

[Case ]

It interfered the scheelite floatation index for complex composition, fine particle size of distribution and containing fluorite and other mineral rich of Ca & Fe. The dressing plant takes the processing: one roughing, four cleaning and two scavenging, but the final grade of scheelite was not high only 55%. So they authorize us to do technical reconstruction. We decided to use centrifugal flotation process after analyzing the properties of ore, the detailed index comparison as follow

Comparison of ReconstructionProcessConcentrate Grade/%Recovery Rate/%
Before ReconstructionFlotation57.8588.18
After ReconstructionCentrifugal Flotation62.5993.26

After the reconstruction, it obviously strengthens the recovery of fine particle and reduces the effect of mud on the separation process. The recovery index becomes better realizing the comprehensive recycling of resources.

[ Process Flow ]

Scheelite Flotation Production Line

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